What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

The compassion, kindness, and understanding the crew showed was something I truly appreciate and will never forget. A fire is a horrible thing, but they helped me get through it.

They were great! Thank you so much! My house smells great!

I cannot think of a way to improve . The service could not have been better or more professional.

Unbelievable how much goes into this type of business. They have the technology to get the smoke smell out and make it like it never happened. They inventory everything and store it for you. I didn't realize how much they do until a friend of mine had his house burn down. I was so impressed with how much they can do for people that have a house burn down. Whether you had a flood or fire call this place, they'll make sure you are safe.

Great job! SERVPRO was great! They have great workers. They went above and beyond anything I expected. Thank you SERVPRO.

I've had a great experience with SERVPRO of South Chattanooga. Thank you Jeff and Craig.