Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Carpet and Drywall Mold in Commercial Business

Carpet and Drywall Mold in Commercial BusinessAs seen in the second picture there was a pipe in the wall that had broken which flooded the room. Unfortunately t... READ MORE

Moldy Ceiling in Williams Island

Moldy Ceiling in Williams IslandAbove this window there was some shingles that were blown off right at the eaves. This allowed water to get under the eaves and ... READ MORE

Black Mold Problems in DIY Drying

Black Mold Problems in DIY DryingThe black mold problem in the before picture is due to a homeowner trying to clean up their own water damage. They had a supply... READ MORE

St. Elmo Home With Mold Damage

St. Elmo Home With Mold DamageThe closet in this home had a leaking pipe which over time allowed mold to grow along the length of this wall. Because mold is eve... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Chattanooga House

Mold damage at this Chattanooga home started in the usual way with water damage. When the residents of this home returned after a two-week vacation, they discov... READ MORE

Mold Attack on a Vacation Home

This photo depicts mold that has grown significantly in this vacation home in Chattanooga. The humidity level was too high allowing for the moisture to feed the... READ MORE