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Is It Possible To Rescue A Baby Piano From Fire Damage In A Chattanooga Property?

5/11/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Is It Possible To Rescue A Baby Piano From Fire Damage In A Chattanooga Property? Fire damage in Chattanooga properties can be very dangerous for musical instruments, but SERVPRO has the expertise to help.

Can A Fire Damaged Piano Be Rescued?

We all have certain possessions that it would be devastating to lose. They might have a lot of material value or may be sentimental pieces and have links to your family. For some homeowners, this item is a piano. It is big and bulky, but it has a great deal of personal value and importance. In the event of a fire, you are bound to worry about its safety.

Fire damage in Chattanooga properties can be very dangerous for musical instruments, but SERVPRO has the expertise to help. With links to a broad range of contractors and specialists, we can refer valuable or fragile items to the right experts. We also have the tools needed to carry out extensive deodorization processes and chase smoke odors out of your piano.

The Impact Of Smoke Damage On A Piano
The only way to be certain whether a baby piano is salvageable, after a fire, is to have an independent expert carry out a consultation. If there was close contact, the likelihood of a successful restoration is small. If the fire broke out in a basement or an attic, however, and was reasonably distant from the instrument, smoke damage may be the only problem.

It is a big problem, but it is solvable in many cases. Humidity fluctuations (even minor ones) can cause tuning and tonal capabilities to become inconsistent. When water gets introduced to the environment, and humidity levels rise, the wood of the piano is likely to expand. It allows the pores of the material to widen and absorb more of the smoke odors.

The Consequences Of Deodorization
Deodorization is a process which recreates the conditions responsible for the odor. In simple terms, SERVPRO uses specialist tools to disperse odor killing chemicals in a way which replicates the movement of the smoke. Ozone generators and dry foggers are particularly useful because they apply these chemicals in a light, fine mist.

The particles are tiny enough to penetrate the wood of the piano and dislodge the odor particles. Of course, we are very careful about which substances we use, because these instruments are delicate. The humidity in the room is strictly regulated, and we use only dry deodorization techniques.

SERVPRO of South Chattanooga offers homeowners a ‘one stop shop’ for fire damage repairs. No matter what the task, we can use our own skills or bring in a third party specialist to ensure high-quality repairs. This includes the restoration of vulnerable items such as paintings and musical instruments. Call us 24/7 at (423) 785-3200.

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Urban Challenges for Flood Control in Chattanooga

4/29/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Urban Challenges for Flood Control in Chattanooga It is easy to create even more damage when you try to clean up flood damage in your home by yourself. Call SERVPRO and have it done correctly.

SERVPRO Remediates Flood Damage in Your Home

Weather patterns evolve in a way the urban planners of more than a century ago never anticipated. Rehabbing, rebuilding, and the proliferation of flat, concrete or asphalt paving areas push city storm sewers to the edge in the neighborhoods. Storm sewers that fail to contain the runoff cause flooding and SERVPRO is here to troubleshoot with homeowners when water enters basements and other lower levels.
Homeowners residing in the city neighborhoods fear flood damage to Chattanooga homes more than ever before. The older housing stock takes a beating when rains fall heavily. Foundations fill with water and sewage. This kind of water problem is beyond the scope of the shop vac and mop. We offer the equipment, staff, and expertise required to restore your historic home to its pre-flood standard.
Sewer backups are by definition brimming with potentially hazardous debris. Human waste, decomposing animals, roadway chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, and vehicle fluids like gas, oil, and antifreeze all sweep into a basement when the sewers cannot handle the flow. SERVPRO is familiar with the risks inherent with this contaminated water and experienced in its safe removal and disposal. A quick assessment of the water backed up in your basement guides our next several steps.
Contaminated water requires particular treatment when removed and awaiting disposal, and SERVPRO knows the regulations in your area. Our team takes charge of pumping and extracting the water, and then reinspects floors, ceilings, walls, insulation, appliances, and HVAC systems for lingering damage that needs sanitization or, in some cases, removal. Porous surfaces frequently do not fare well, and it is not uncommon for drywall or insulation to need replacement due to health and safety reasons. Hard surfaces like tile flooring and cinderblock often survive without the permanent infestation of the infectious wastes after our team cleans and disinfects the areas.
Sorting out your options after the flood is a job for you and the team at SERVPRO. Our employees train regularly to industry standards and our project managers bring years of experience to your flood damage crisis. Be confident that we offer restoration done right, turning a wet, smelly, and possibly dangerous basement to a clean and safe area to live and perform household tasks.
Homeowners in the city turn to SERVPRO of South Chattanooga for their flood damage needs. Contact us at (423) 785-3200 for an inspection and plan to recover from this disaster.

Spring Chores Uncover A Mold Problem

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Spring Chores Uncover A Mold Problem Mold remediation is a specialty of SERVPRO, and a service we offer as part of the broad range of assistance we make available to our customers.

Have You Discovered a Mold Infestation in Your Home?

Getting out into the warm spring weather gives homeowners a chance to clear out debris and get the yard and outbuildings ready for the summer. Sometimes the cleaning uncovers a festering mold problem that endangers gutters, roofing, siding, or the interior of a garage or shed. Just because the colonies are outside of your living areas does not mean you ignore them. SERVPRO offers assistance in remediation of mold endangering structures outside as well as inside.

Many mold spores occupy outdoor areas, causing mold damage to the structure and fittings of your Chattanooga home and attached buildings when activated by moisture. Mold needs a surface made of or coated with carbon containing substances to proliferate. Wooden structures and decaying leaves are perfect incubators. Small outbreaks outside are one thing, but mold that threatens the integrity of your building’s structure or interferes with indoor air quality in a garage or other storage area needs our professional guidance to remediate.

Cleaning out a gutter or making a three season porch ready for warm weather gets you up close to organic material that potentially harbors mold. Dealing with its removal is better done by our mold specialists. SERVPRO mandates that our staff competes classes in EPA designed mold outbreak remediation. Following this protocol ensures safety for both workers and the residents of your home. Our staff contains, removes, and properly disposes of the mold. Building materials often have mold growing inside and through their structure, necessitating removal and replacement. Only experts, such as our employees, safely make this distinction.

Careful consideration of the possibility of mold moving into vehicles and their ventilation systems makes remediation of colonies in garages and carports essential. Our SERVPRO team also evaluates the possibility of mold entering the interior of your home through venting, outdoor air conditioning units, or other HVAC equipment stored outdoors or in outbuildings. Only by weighing the probability of such mold transfer can we and you be sure that outdoor infestation does not migrate inside.

Mold remediation is a specialty of SERVPRO, and a service we offer as part of the broad range of assistance we make available to our residential customers. Homeowners who find an outdoor mold outbreak do well to seek our advice on how to manage it.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Mold knows no boundaries and SERVPRO of South Chattanooga is ready to remediate, regardless of its location. Give our friendly dispatchers a call at (423) 785-3200 to set up a consultation.

A Proactive Restoration Plan Saves Your Gallery From The Effects Of Water Damage in Chattanooga

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial A Proactive Restoration Plan Saves Your Gallery From The Effects Of Water Damage in Chattanooga SERVPRO Protects Art in a Chattanooga Gallery from Water Damage with the ERP

Businesses Are Offered the ERP to Prevent and Mitigate Damage

The arts scene in our community is vibrant, with museums and galleries drawing locals and out of town visitors. The fun and excitement come to a halt quickly when water infiltrates the area. Harm to your gallery devastates emotionally and financially, but SERVPRO has the skills and experience to return your venue to its lively and engaging ambiance fast.

Older buildings and warehouse are often the locations sought by artists and gallery owners, the aesthetic patina these places offer is very compelling to art lovers. Aging buildings also come with rickety plumbing, prone to leaks and flooding. Water damage to your Chattanooga gallery needs our professional attention. You had a particular surrounding in mind to show off your favorite artist’s masterpieces. Restoration rather than tear outs and remodeling is obviously preferred. We understand this and pledge to double our efforts to bring return your gallery to its previous glory without losing its unique style.
You cannot predict when the water main fails, or the toilet backs up. It is reasonable to assume, however, that some variant of a water disaster is down the road for your gallery. Seize some control of the possibility and contact SERVPRO now to take advantage of our Emergency Ready Profile and Plan. We send an experienced project manager to your business at your request for a no-obligation assessment of your shop. After a comprehensive inspection of the layout, our expert gives you ideas on how to limit any loss should water damage occur. Further, you have to opportunity to complete the online Emergency Ready Profile and Plan on a mobile device. As you click through the checklist, you are in charge of informing us about your concerns and priorities. A map of your gallery can be included, with critical storage areas and utility shut-offs noted. You list the identities of your staff authorized to make restoration and repair decisions in the event you are away when disaster strikes.
The compelling reason for investing the time to create this Profile and Plan is to allow SERVPRO to arrive at your gallery fast. Water damage that is not addressed within hours quickly transforms from an inconvenient mop up to a serious disaster. The pieces of art displayed when dried and cleaned swiftly lose a little value. Objects soaked for a longer time face ruin or a decrease in value. Structures and fixtures dry out well if caught early, but fall apart and need replacement if standing water or saturation continues for hours or days. Relatively clean water turns to contaminated within just 48 hours, and microbial activity on structures and other objects is common using that same timeline.
Include an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan with SERVPRO of South Chattanooga as part of your gallery business proposal. Schedule a free appointment to discuss your options at (423) 785-3200.

Cleaning Up Storm Damage To Your Chattanooga Property

3/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleaning Up Storm Damage To Your Chattanooga Property Storm damage created by a powerful storm can create severe flooding and property damage.

Storm Damage Cleanup

An unexpected tornado can bring hail and wind damage. Storm damage created by a powerful storm can create severe flooding and property damage. Mother Nature can unleash powerful weather patterns in an instant, leaving behind storm damage to your home that is quite substantial. Water, the wind, downed trees, and hail is just a few of the things which can expose your property and contents, no matter their size, to the elements, and this is when immediate storm damage restoration from a professional company like SERVPRO is the key to your property’s recovery and safety.

At SERVPRO, we offer immediate help to secure your Chattanooga property and prevent additional storm damage from happening. Storm damage services can include perimeter fencing, emergency board-up services, building shrink wrap, and emergency security personnel.

Rebuilding Your Life And Home
We have successfully rebuilt many wind-damaged homes over the years. In situations like these, our team’s specialized skill sets needed for rebuilding part of a home is quite different than new construction. Design, building materials, and finishes have to all be matched to the remainder of the structure, while any moisture that remains in the building components might have to be addressed as well.

When We Arrive
After our technicians arrive on the scene, they assess the damage and prioritize cleanup and repair needs. Our top priority is to secure your home and belongings, so our well-trained staff secures the property, then we remove the external mess. Our cleanup professionals then take care of the removal of debris. If the interior is affected as well, our specialist with restore any carpets, clothes, and furniture that is salvageable.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
As a national company who has a strong local base in your community, we are highly qualified. We are your neighbors dedicated to doing what is best for you and your family. You can count on us to move fast to help minimize the impact of the damage. We contribute to making sure your immediate needs such as housing, clothing, and food are taken care of, and we develop a plan which is customized to you to take your home to its preloss condition.

At SERVPRO of South Chattanooga, we have seen it all when it comes to storm damage. So, whether there is a tree in your living room, or your back porch got blown off from heavy winds, we can get your home looking like its old self again in a timely fashion. Just give us a call at (423) 785-3200, and someone will be out to your home promptly so you can go back to your normal way of life.

Rescuing Your Personal Items from Fire Damage in Chattanooga

2/15/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Rescuing Your Personal Items from Fire Damage in Chattanooga Chattanooga Flooring Can Suffer from Fire Damage

SERVPRO's Experienced Techs and Equipment Can Salvage Many Damaged Belongings from Fires

Cleaning up after a fire is a very complex process, because there may be damage to a lot of different materials. Each substance requires its unique approach to cleaning and repairs, which is why restoration can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, the experts at SERVPRO can adapt their repairs to the scenario and situation. When handling fire damage in Chattanooga homes, they try to salvage as many personal items as possible. However, they may need advice from the homeowner as regards what is considered worthy of salvage.

Keep reading to learn more about the restoration process and how SERVPRO restores some of the most commonly damaged items.

Hardwood Floors
It can be tricky to remove soot and smoke stains from hardwood without damaging the finish. Too much water can lead to cupping and warping. So, depending on the severity of the damage, we use dry chemicals (sometimes water) to lift blemishes gently. If the marks are too stubborn, we can apply a sealant to trap odors and reapply a new finish.

Many homeowners assume that fire damaged computers, televisions, and other items are not salvageable. Fortunately, this is not always the case. If there is no physical degradation (actual burning or melting), it may be possible to scrub the outsides and restore a nice appearance. Interior circuitry we can farm out to a partner that specializes it that.

If they are easy to remove from the fire damaged area, all fabric items are subject to a rapid extraction. It applies to drapes, cushions, rugs, and curtains. SERVPRO has access to a state of the art cleaning machine (Esporta), which kills bacteria and deep cleans smaller items. Everything gets logged and inventoried before it is removed and sent to the cleaning facility. We recommend stuffed toys, blankets, and clothes receive the same treatment.

Kitchen Items
The problem with china and glassware is that it contracts after heating. It can cause cracks and faults to appear. Where there are faults, it is best to seek a replacement (where possible). In some cases, ultrasonic cleaning can be used to gently renew china, crystal, or items with metal detailing. Do be aware that all open and fire exposed food items require disposal.

HVAC Ducts
The SERVPRO team always inspects HVAC ducts for soot and smoke residues. The last thing you want is irritants circulating in the air from the A/C. Usually, fans are used to move debris and dirt to an accessible spot. Then, we can bring in detergents and tools for direct cleaning. All ductwork gets cleaned to NADCA standards. Fogging is also an option.

They are just some examples of the types of items which SERVPRO of South Chattanooga restores on a regular basis. We understand that fire damage can be stressful, but it does not have to be permanent. Call us 24/7 at (423) 785-3200 for emergency repairs.

Prepare For Water Damage In Your Chattanooga Home

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Prepare For Water Damage In Your Chattanooga Home Chattanooga Washing Machine Causes Water Damage

Stop, Think, Then Call SERVPRO for Help With Any Water Problem in Chattanooga

Water damage can take place in any home, especially when someone lives in an area that regularly experiences these kinds of issues. Do not wait to do something about the possibility of water damage occurring in your home. Prepare yourself properly.
Being hit by water damage in your Chattanooga home can be tough. You are going to be overwhelmed by questions. "Whom should I call?" or "What is going to happen now?" followed by a vital issue, "Will my homeowner's insurance cover this?" and then, "Are my belongings ruined?"
Having water damage in your home can be rather stressful. However, when you know more about your situation, you can better equip yourself to respond to it. Therefore, the professionals at SERVPRO would like to share some information that may help.
First, ask yourself a series of questions. Are regular water damage issues like sudden storms, broken pipes, or accidents such as overflowing washing machines covered? Are you covered for gradual water leaks that cause significant damage over time?
Many different types of water damage coverage exist, and you would benefit from making sure that you have the right type of coverage to handle your particular situation and common events that happen in your area before they happen to you.
Once water damage exists, the clock begins to tick, making it necessary to start your repairs before secondary damages or mold growth have the chance to develop. There is only a 24 to 48-hour window available to prevent mold growth, once that time frame is over, mold spread rather quickly. Or not at all.
The amount of water exposure and the type of water involved in your event has an enormous impact on whether you need professional services like those offered at SERVPRO to help deal with your situation properly.
If the event includes a significant amount of standing water, you likely do not have the proper equipment to handle the situation, or if you do, it is going to take far too long for you to remove it yourself before things become crucial.
Whereas if you use a company like SERVPRO, even if that same water turns out to be tainted by contaminants, we have the resources, experience, and equipment to help avoid health hazards or injury. While also having access to the proper amount of personnel to complete your restoration within the time frame needed to prevent additional damages from developing.
Contact SERVPRO of South Chattanooga for help with preparing your home for water damage situations that may occur in your area. (423) 785-3200

Water Damage Can Ruin Many Materials in Your Chattanooga Home

2/2/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage  Water Damage Can Ruin Many Materials in Your Chattanooga Home Water on Concrete or Carpeting Causes Damage to a Chattanooga Home

Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Home After a Water Intrusion

Flooding in Tennessee is all too common a natural occurrence. This is a given fact that we all have to deal with if water breaches our property. That doesn't mean you have to drive with no oil in your engine and on bald tires in the pouring rain. Hiring a professional restoration service can make dealing with the effects simpler, less stressful, and more cost effective.

Located close to the Chattanooga River or not, there are still many creeks and streams in the vicinity. Water damage in Chattanooga can happen to your property at some point; it's just part of living in our state. SERVPRO has the decades of experience and training to help you reduce the detrimental effects and get you back into your home in as short a time as is possible.

Two of the costliest expenses of soaked building materials are floors and sheetrock. Once our response team removes the standing water from your home, we'll use water extractors to draw water out of your carpets and wood flooring. The equipment we use is designed to remove every drop of moisture possible without damaging the carpet's nap or gouging the surface of your floorboards.

As technicians accomplish the water removal, others will examine your walls for damage. Sheetrock, once it gets wet, begins to crumble. This building material is also a food source for mold spores that may have expanded thanks to the increased air humidity and the amount of water around the bottom and behind the walls. If we can place space heaters and dehumidifiers next to the affected panels within a few hours after the water has gotten into them, then we might be able to restore some or all of them. In most cases, however, panels of sheetrock will have to be removed and replaced if the groundwater was deemed contaminated.

Finally, our response team will help you deal with your insurance company. We have years of experience with the major flood insurance agencies and can help expedite your claim through their process faster to help you with interim costs and to get that final check quicker rather than later.

The sun should be out in a few days. If you're worried about flood water or what may still happen, call us today at (423) 785-3200 to schedule an inspection or service call. SERVPRO of South Chattanooga is here to help you, our neighbors, put your home back together.

Mold Damage Remediation Procedures In East Ridge

2/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Procedures In East Ridge There are specific guidelines that professionals need to follow to properly clean it and prevent more molds from growing.

Mold Damage Remediation

When you have a problem with mold in your home, you want a professional remediation company to take care of the issue, and you certainly don’t want to attempt to clean it yourself. There are specific guidelines that you need to follow to properly clean it and prevent more molds from growing again which only trained professionals would know.

At SERVPRO, our staff is fully trained and follows EPA guidelines for handling mold damage in East Ridge. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has guidelines on mold remediation. These guidelines were designed for schools and commercial buildings, but the recommendations they offer can also be followed for a residential mold contamination as well.

These EPA guidelines give a flowchart of key steps in mold remediation. For procedures of remediation, EPA suggests:

- Clean and dry materials which are moldy

- Throw away moldy items which cannot be cleaned

- Dry items that are not moldy within 48 hours

Mold Remediation Standard
There are five principles of restoring mold-contaminated buildings which SERVPRO follows:

1. Provide for Health and Safety – Remediators need to protect the health of the workers and occupants. Some safety work practices stop workers from exposure as they disturb the mold while cleaning up. Other practices stop mold from spreading to clean areas.

2. Document Conditions and Processes – Remediators record conditions in the building like the extent of the damage and how much moisture saturation there is. After the remediation is complete, an independent indoor environmental professional could record that mold in the building is back to normal conditions.

3. Control the Mold Contaminant at Its Source – The goal is to keep mold contamination from becoming airborne and then spreading to clean areas. Putting negative air machines near drywall demolition, for example, lowers the amount of airborne mold which workers are exposed to and makes the process of getting rid of the mold more efficient.

4. Remove Contamination – After the mold has grown beyond normal levels, the best solution is to get rid of the excess mold. This could be done by physically removing damaged materials, by vacuuming excessive mold spores into HEPA filters, and by wiping surfaces that are soiled with detergents.

5. Fix the Moisture Problem – This is the key to handling mold. Stopping the source of moisture which started the mold growth in the first place is the goal. Even the best efforts of cleaning up the mold will not keep it from coming back if the building is still having moisture problems.

By following the above procedures, SERVPRO of South Chattanooga ensures they are doing a thorough job of mold remediation in your home. If you find mold in your house, give our staff a call right away at (423) 785-3200, so we can begin a plan for remediation as soon as possible.